Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the Ant and the Grasshopper(a Filipino folk tale)

Ang Langgam at ang Tipaklong(the Ant and the Grasshopper)

This is one of the stories that I really like hearing from my teacher when I was young. I never forgot the lesson that this story had taught me.
The story started in a harvest time in the countryside. The grasshopper was very happy singing and jumping and went on celebrating the whole day because of the abundance of food that day, while the ant was busy collecting and keeping foods in its house. The grasshopper asked the ant why it needs to work hard to collect and keep foods with the fact that they have lots of supply because its harvest time. The ant said that it is a preparation for the rainy season. The grasshopper thought that it was a stupid thing to do so it went on dancing and singing while the ant went on gathering foods to be saved...
Rainy season came and the grasshopper has nothing to eat and can not go out to look for food because everything is wet. The ant, on the other hand, has no problem at all because everything is fine in its house and it has lots of food supplies saved even before the rainy season.
The grasshopper wanted to ask for food fom the ant but it can not go to the ants house so the grasshopper died wishing..."if only i had listened to the ant."
The lesson is that, we should not waste our resources today. We should save for the future. The present generation, political leaders and all leaders of the world, please do not exploit the resources of the earth for our children and our children''s children...i beg you, please listen to the ant.

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